copy of Bunny Effik M - gray, pink ears with house

35.23 € شامل للضريبة


Your child's favorite mascot lives in its own house! It has its private place now, cozy, and elegant. The Bunny loves spending time there when its best companion, your little one, is not around.

"Hold me"

"Hold me tight"

Children convince that our Effik can talk! We believe them 💕

Bunny Effik is a wonderful mascot and our great husband.

It was established in 2016 and it immediately won the hearts of kids. They love to cuddle with him, sleep with him, eat and play ... they never want to part with him.

That's why our rabbit is a real traveler - he goes for walks,

he travels with children to the mountains, to the sea, abroad, he flies by plane, he was on a ferry and on a yacht. We know because our regular customers share these beautiful moments with us.

Effik comes in many sizes and in many beautiful colors. Check it out ...

Designed and manufactured in Poland. 

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