The Effiki brand was born out of a dream.

Its creator dreams of offering her first child products made of high-quality fabrics in discreet colors.

When a dream arises, action is born. In 2009, the Polish market of textiles for babies was dominated by intensely dyed fabrics of low quality and random patterns. I couldn't find a collection in soft colors anywhere, and then I was pregnant and I dreamed that my baby would be surrounded by pastels ...

A baby has very sensitive senses from the very first minutes of his life. From these first moments he also lives in the world of textiles. After all, it is wrapped, wiped, dressed, put to sleep - all the time in direct contact with the fabric. That's why I wanted my baby's world to be toned down and comfortable for his body. That he could feel safe in it.

What I did? I bought high-quality materials and designed a series of my own products. And then my mother sewed them ☺ This is how the first pastel world for our baby girl was created. Everyone around me liked these things very much, and because I have a large family and a lot of friends, I bought additional materials, came up with new patterns and sewed several series with my mother. Then in 2010 - when I was already pregnant with my second daughter - I started a company and started selling.

By creating Effiki, I created an alternative to the style of children's products existing on the Polish market at that time. In addition, I focused on quality - that was my condition. Another ambition was to produce things that last, that can be resold or passed on - without having to buy more new products. We do this thanks to the timeless style, but also mainly thanks to the materials. We are a Polish brand that uses certified fabrics from the best, proven suppliers. This is why our things last for years.

Now I am a mother of three. And each subsequent Effiki product was a response to their needs to make them develop well. New products appeared every year, but our greatest Pride and Love at First Sight is ... Rabbit Effik. Our proprietary industrial design. A rabbit that arose when I did not sleep with my third child for another night. My third daughter woke up many times during the night and only felt good when she was cuddled. And Bunny Effik is just created to cuddle, comfort and love him. And it is so! Our little customers loved it immediately. Thank you for this love.

What do we believe in? That love is an energy that always bears good fruit. That is why, at Effiki, we pass this good on ... #wesharelove.

And you, thanks to shopping in our stores, are part of it. Thank you for your trust.

Anna Sadzińska